Stranahan’s Whiskey shoot

This was a fun shoot at the Stranahan’s Whiskey distillery in Colorado. A very talented group over at The Made Shop in Denver are creating a book about the distillery and how it came to be. I was fortunate enough to be a contributing photographer showcasing some lifestyle and product images of what goes on in their Denver distillery. Here are a few images from the shoot.



Pentax cameras

What a fun and lively summer shoot with three great models. Pentax wanted to showcase a new camera of theirs that you can pick custom color combinations when ordering. So they wanted colorful, energetic photos to match. Here are just a couple from a day full of great images.




Chocolate Spokes bike shop

Here are some images for local Denver bike shop, Chocolate Spokes. Two super talented guys teamed up and created a shop where you can get a completely custom bike built to your specs in house, a vintage restored bike to perfection, bike tuning and snowboard tuning and waxing in the winter. It’s a great place so be sure to check it out.

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Bike to work campaign

This was a really fun collaboration with Amelie, a wonderful advertising agency in Denver. They wanted to showcase bikes and cars coming near one another for a “share the road” message. Here is one of the images from the campaign.CDOT_130506_17281



Red Robin food photography

I’ve been doing some various food shoots for Red Robin recently. Here are a couple of images that came out of it. One is a Thanksgiving holiday Turkey burger… yummm!!!! The other is one of their delicious boneless Buffalo wings with Whiskey River sauce. Delicious.




This is a quick test I did on cinemagraphs. It’s not perfect, but I wanted get a quick test out. I’m definitely ready to get out and shoot some more staged scenarios using this technique. On the next ones I’ll spend more time editing and shooting to get it just right.

Really exciting!!

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Man at night

This was a fun shoot. We took the model out around dusk and did a variety of night shots using only natural elements and light. So I had to get creative with timing head lights to drive by and light up the model at just the right time, and to place him just right where it highlighted him how I wanted. Nothing had to be perfect, it was all about making the errors work for the photo. It was back to old-school photography tricks and really a lot of fun!

Wardrobe by Tina Gill of Worthwhile Style
Hair by Hilary Hackney
Makeup by Dina Nast


Dessert 2 ways

The goal of this shoot was to showcase how the cupcake could be used in a variety of ways. Since it’s sold without any frosting you can choose if you want to eat it alone or add frosting or even make a berry creme dessert. The client wanted everything else to be simple, and warm. So, we kept it all about the food.

Food styling by Beth Hawkins