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Be Influential – part 2

So, we’ve completed this years shots for Regis University’s Be Influential Advertising Campaign. The photography was similar as the shoots a couple of months ago, but with new inspirational people as the subject.  Here are a few of the people featured.  Dapa works at Laser Tech, Karen works with Habitat for Humanity and Paula works with new teachers in different schools allover Denver.  These are just a few of the many wonderful people featured, so I thought I’d show a few of the images.  http://cps.regis.edu/beinfluential/


Gluten Free anyone?

Here are some photos for Udi’s Gluten Free division. They have a line of breads, bagels, muffins, pizza crusts, granolas and much more that are all gluten free. They put out an amazing product, and they wanted it photographed in a way that looks like it was made right in someone’s home. Simple, clean and showing the product for what it is.

As always, we had a great team on this shoot, utilizing Beth Hawkins as the food stylist. It was a fun shoot overall and here are a few of the pics that came out of it.


Regis University campaign continues

So, since the “Be Influential” advertising campaign that I worked on with Regis University did so well last year they decided to continue it for 2010/2011.  Here are just a few of the of the shots we did for the fall start date.  We’ll be doing more photo shoots soon, but this is what we’ve done so far.  For those of you not familiar, the Be Influential campaign focuses on graduates of their CPS (College for Professional Studies) program which is geared toward adult learners and the Masters program.

So, the people I chose to show are listed as follows: Jason Gruhl started the Joshua School which is a school for autistic children in Denver, Magnus Perssons is a film/video student at Regis’ partner school Colorado Film School, Tricia Downing is a paraplegic triathlete who travels the world and started a camp for other paraplegic women, and David Meza is working in Peru to teach them sustainable farming and bringing in clean water filtration systems.

You can check them out at… http://cps.regis.edu/beinfluential/

So, on photography, we took the same approach with style focusing on a story telling photographic style featuring people and objects associated with those people. Here I’m just showing you one environmental portrait of each of them, but it will give you the idea and you can see more on their website as they publish each story over time.

Again, it’s always a pleasure to work with the fun team at Regis. Looking forward to our next round of shots.


New print portfolios by Mullenberg

I’m so excited about my new print portfolios made by Scott Mullenberg.  http://www.mullenbergdesigns.com/

He did an amazing job down to every detail. I had a total of 3 books made, one for each of my website categories.  Lifestyle Photography, Commercial Photography and Still Life Photography (featuring food and architecture images). http://www.jessicagrenier.com/
Each is a different color within my brand.  Then he foil stamped my logo on the front of each book and I had the front and back pages letterpress printed with my logo/contact info to match the letterpress of the rest of my collateral.

Whenever I make a new print book it’s always a chore, but I really enjoyed creating these.  Scott was the easiest guy to work with and was so flexible every time I changed my mind, and trust me there was a multitude of times that I did.

So, now I’m excited to schedule a bunch of new meetings to show off my new books.  I already had a few this week and people really loved the books. Thanks again Scott!!


A winter hike

This was a lifestyle shoot to focus on the sport of Snowshoeing with story telling imagery.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s essentially hiking in the winter by wearing snowshoes that help you walk on top of the snow instead of sinking into the deep powder.

The most difficult part about this shoot was getting a day that had the perfect weather.  With how warm and unpredictable the winter has been in Colorado this year, it was all about timing.  Since Evergreen gets quite a bit of snow, and usually holds on to it for a while, we decided to plan the shoot there.  I would have scheduled it further up in the mountains, only there was less snow in Dillon and Vail than in Evergreen. Plus, we found a great location in Evergreen with a wide open mountain trail to shoot on.

So, we finally got our perfect day. Snowy, but not too thick of snowflakes, not windy, a bit of sun, and not too cold for the models.  It was perfect for hiking and being outdoors. We really lucked out! It just goes to show you, not everything can be controlled, so it’s best to be flexible and have Plan A, B, C, and probably D.  I think on this shoot I made it to Plan C, but the images turned out just how I wanted them to.  I think everyone was pleased with this shoot.


Lifestyle photography on the farm

This is a sort of story telling shoot taken from the point of view a lifestyle photographer.  I photographed a married couple that are 90 years old and still working hard every day to keep to their way of life.  They raise cows and horses along with canning much of their home grown veggies.

I shot with mostly natural lighting and a little bit of strobe.  It was a cold and overcast day in the South, but there was nice ambient light. I wanted to show simply and roughly what they do on a day to day basis.  Nothing fancy, just clean photography focusing on the people.

I hope I’m still this active at 90!!


Advertising for Universities : The new campaign

These Advertising photos were all for the “Be Influential” campaign going on with Regis University.  Each photograph is a testimonial of that person, what they do and how they are influential in society.

The first person is Ric Murray, the teacher of theater lighting and set building at Red Rocks Community College.  The next person, Deneyse works at the Department of Revenue.  Steve Cox is the fire chief of all Colorado Springs fire houses.  Roosevelt is a teacher at East High School in Denver, and finally Todd Edmands who teaches lego robotics to children.  These are just a few of the people who are involved in the campaign.  Check it out here… http://cps.regis.edu/beinfluential/ to see more of their stories and other images I shot for the campaign.

We shot most of the images throughout Denver and surrounding towns in Colorado.


Happy 4th of July

A photographic warning for you to be safe this 4th of July.  Or… well you can see what could happen.




Cupcake lady photos

Here was another testimonial of a woman for Regis University.  She is one of 3 owners at a shop in the Denver Highlands neighborhood called Happy Cakes.  It is a wonderfully tasty place to visit, as they specialize in cupcakes.  They have very unique flavours of cupcakes, and their flavours change daily.

It is one of my favorite places to get a Saturday treat, so I was thrilled to meet the maker and to get to photograph her for Regis.  That is why I decided to add it here on my blog.

I strongly suggest you stop by the shop sometime.  It’s on 32nd and Lowell in Denver.


Denver Mayor Hicks rides bikes

There’s a new magazine hitting the stands called Kickstand Magazine http://kickstandmag.com/ which focuses on cruiser bicycles.  They asked me to take this portrait of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper for an article on his efforts to encourage biking around Denver.  Here is one of the photos that came from the shoot.  If you look closely in the bottom left corner there is a b-cycle rack.  Hickenlooper endorsed this project to place b-cycle racks around Denver in efforts to keep people from commuting and to encourage people to rent these bikes for the day.  Check it out at http://bcycle.com/.